Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Sensation of Japan - Drum Tao!!

Heart beating :

 Hehe~ play tak the video? ha!! But it was more awesome when you see it 'LIVE'.

And here we go our things on 6th Syawal. People masih sebuk beraya but me and big sis went for something randomly bought from Groupon -the same day we went for Bella ;P.
Quoted from Kak Al - we were enhancing the culture experience. Mesti orang tak terfikir pun such things or know about this. But honored enough we did get the chance to experience this for the first time in Malaysia. How extraordinary it is. ;D

Had a dinner before the show with big sis and lil bro yang baru sehari jumpa dah ada special bond. Hahah~ Thanks Hafiz for such statement. Bertuahnya and betapa peningnya la Kak Al having two lil sis & bro begini yang perangai lebih kurang je. Tapi itulah yang Kak Al sayang kan. Hehehe~ Randomness is our middle name!! ;P

Sangat sensation kan! Japanese sgt ;P

Time for the show!

All pictures were from En.Google as we were not allowed to snap any pictures inside Plenary Hall (same concept with Istana Budaya & Dewan Philharmonic Petronas). Basically these were the performance by them. There were also a funny slot in the show - ada badut la pulak. Heheh~ Without it also, the show had kept us stayed still and mesmerized by the beats of the drums, flute, and traditional guitars. Spectacular!!

Some facts about it : courtesy En.Google

Japan’s most celebrated elite martial arts and Taiko drumming extraordinaire, Drum Tao is bringing their glorious blend of ancient and contemporary percussion artistry to Malaysia for the first time.
Having awed audiences in 17 countries, including Switzerland, Denmark, Israel, USA, Australia, Spain, Belgium, UK and Germany, Drum Tao is expected to amaze with an eclectic choreography showcasing dance, martial arts, stunning props and costumes.
The two-hour extravaganza will see the 16-strong crew beat on Wadaiko drums which weigh a massive 400kg and have a 1.7-metre circumference, before switch to complex rhythms on smaller drums which will be complemented by melodies on bamboo flutes and a horizontal harp.
Couple the mesmerizing music with martial arts and dance stunts that require superhuman effort to execute, the dynamic Drum Tao will transport you to another universe altogether.

Even the review saying it's going to be great and WE SECOND THAT! Love it! Can't wait for next year of their return ;D

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