Thursday, September 20, 2012

'Tazkirah' Free @ 1am

Heart feel so numb :

2 3 hari rasa perasaan dibelasah. dihenyak2, di gumpal2, mcm dah kena langgar lari lenyek dek treler kontena 14 tan.  Sampai I came up with this status kat BBM

" You have to have my permission to break my happiness "

Cik Nisa la jadi peneman kala hati kekalutan. Haih... Gara2 dek status tu jugak one of my Devilish clan bertanya 'Anything happened?? What happened?' Tetiba rasa air mata nak berjurai2...Uhh kes nak cengeng sangat ni. Tup2..ini la dia 'Tazkirah' free from my non Muslim saying just to console my heart and believing in me.

Love will come to you one day and at that time love will make you fall for it. Keep yourself strong. Mixing around with different gender is common but finding the right person in life is tough! Every men we met may be the right person in life but God has chosen our soul mate earlier and the Prince will walk down the road of happiness. Always be strong Enny!
                                                                                                  - Andrew @ 1AM

Owh Andrew, you always be my good friends..We go Bali okeh? Nisa jom!!!!
Okey sekarang rasa nak nages ke tak nak?  Can I just make a sad face instead of whining or grieving about all this? Terasa buang masa. I know2...if you reading this En.Pilot, I guess I get your point when you always said you tak berkenan, keep on saying give a chance to your heart, open your eyes wider to find a perfect one. Tapi I sangat2 degil kan... see now heartbroken again. Ke sebab you a guy, you understand another guy better? Akif, I need you. Kenapa orang2 macam ni slalu kejam dengan I? Maybe I just meeting with a wrong crowd am I?........

You can be so busy to look, but I'll be busy mending my heart

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