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Short Vacay - The Shop Hotel, Kuala Kangsar

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20th December 2014 - Looking forward for December as a short vacay after our own wedding gara2 Encik Cousin ku sorg ni pun xmenyabor nak kawen jgk. Hehehe~. Kuala Kangsar here we go!
Yeah these two loving birds.. sbb his duty pun ibarat a bird who have to fly all over the sky to protect our own country. Gituuu...;P

Leftenan Muda Zulkarnain + Syida (lupa plk nama penuh dia..)
As usual, it will be me the master planner dlm bab2 mencari hotel everytime the family wanna go for vacation, outing, roadtrip or even to attend a wedding yang jauh nun kluar dr kawasan Klang Valley ni. Kuala Kangsar? Hermm kinda a rare place for people to visit just for fun melainkan anda seorg yang sgt2 la historical. Sebab kali ni to attend a wedding so makanya I can't say this a part of my travelogue edition. Kita leh review the hotel je la ye...ngee~ lagi2 we found a new boutique hotel through out the internet. Menariks!! Let's try! Abah pun kena pasrah je bila the daughter suka benar pilih hotel pelik2 je..apatah la lagi en.suami...Redha2 and tolong bayar je. Hihi ;P

The day has come...perjalanan from KL to Kuala Kangsar took about 4 hours jgk la. Tapi cuaca sgt menyebelahi kami. Eh tetiba ayat skema lak..silap2.. The weather just nice, sejuk2..hujan kejap2 sampai leh lelap la dlm kereta..hikss...again...en.hubby redha je lagipun dia mmg super fokus bila driving sbb nk kejar Mak yang drive ala2 Michael Schumacer bila dah masuk highway. Hahaha~

Sesampainya thanks to Waze yg sebuk bwk kitaorg pusing2, tukar navigation guna Google Maps baru jumpa the exact location. Pheww...it was like very near to Stesen KTM Kuala Kangsar. Kalau nk smpai this hotel pun boleh je naik train ye adik2.

At the first time seeing the hotel, wow...yeah it was quite small compared to the hotel2 yang biasa we stayed all around Malaysia....but then bare in mind, ni kan pun namanya 'Boutique Hotel'..haruslah comel2 belaka. 
Plus point, it came with a concept of coffee cafe for the entrance and with Christmas decoration. Suddenly feeling2 like we at some cafe kat oversea.. Huu bajet sgt. ;P The smells of the coffee automatically made us starving yang tiba2 baru teringat tak lunch lagi that time. 

Knowing my hubby as coffee lover, we did tried their special made coffee and the hot chocolate. Nyummy... the ambiance was so nice and the staff pun sgt peramah. Ok nak lepak lama2 please but unfortunately we need to bersiap as there will be a solemnization event on the night itself. *if not memang melepaks saje la kat cafe tu. ;D

During the night
The room - sebelum disepahkan ;P
Our minum petang for that day 
A part if beverages and interior design of the hotel - credited to AGODA.com
So nak I komen for the hotel ke?....

Price wise: Affordable and with all the deco, the initiative to make this boutique hotel concept alive with their own brand; it's worthy the price. - Owh you can cheaper price if you book awal2 #tips

Room: Slightly small and very compact but understandable as it came with a concept right. It still comfortable for two. If you come with a family, you can always choose the family room- bigger size than the standard one. Nice bathroom tooo!! ;P

Facilities: Convenient but of course without a lift. Namanya 2 tingkat je. The others it was good. The staff were friendly and very helpful even the owner love to chat with the customer. Nice.

Surrounding: This is the part they were lack a bit but I do believe they have a plan ahead for the landscape. It will very nice if the green landscape can be a part of the hotel. It will be serenade ambiance for the people. Love!!

#Co-currently the cutest boutique hotel concept that I fall in love at the first sight! ;D

Okey peeps, till then...we look forward for 2015 yeah.. next hotel, next destination please ;) Sekian dari Puan Enny melaporkan. ;P

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