Monday, April 6, 2015

Snap2 Like Paparazi! #penangtravelogue

Brain recalled:

Tiada yang lebih mengembirakan hati En.Hubby bila one the place must visit in his list, tercapai! Yeay!! Its like a kid got a toy he want the most. Hihihi~ ;P

Actually this Camera Museum just right next to the Purrfect Cafe that I shared in previous entry and we were the last group visitors for the day. Lucky us! Pheww..If not mesti ada org tu gigit jari...sob sob...hahahah~

Again it was the 1st Camera Museum in Malaysia which is located in Penang only. Everything also you want to be the first ha Penang. Cool!

Notes from website during the launching:

The Camera Museum’s collection consist of Camera Obscura, Daguerreotype, Box Camera, Folding Camera, Large and Medium Format Camera, 35mm Camera, Single and Twin Lens Reflex, Point and Shoot o Instant and Digital Camera from the eighteenth century right up till present day from all over the world including, Britain, Europe, France, India, Japan Russia and Thailand which made a complete camera evolution timeline for the exhibition. 
Amidst the display, visitors will get the opportunity to handle actual antique cameras and the experience booth will allow them to feel the weight of the relics like the iconic Kodak Brownie, Rolleiflex and FoldingCamera in their very hands at the museum exhibition hall on second floor. Aspires to bring back the time through its exhibit captivating stories of how camera have transcended our human history since the fifteenth century, The Camera Museum believes that cameras need to be experienced.

It was like a heaven to him (one of the reason kenapa I posted so many pic of him... Thanks to dearest pengantin baru yang sakan jalan teman kitaorg for your second time special for us yg first timer ni.

For more info, you can just visit their own website:

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