Monday, April 27, 2015

Shopaholic on MYSALE Spree! #tips

Brain calculated:

Sales! Sales!
GST Sales! Merdeka Sales! Raya Sales! CNY Sales! Christmas Sales!
Named it, it can be countless at one time. Hee.. tempting right!*wink

For girls especially 'shopaholic' this will be the 'momentos' of time. Heaven!! But then bias IF I said its only affected to girls....kaum Adam pun sama je kan kan kan (sometimes can be worse! Hahaha)
Well then, it is really a good time to splurge yourselves to get few items at once during mysale time with an amazing discounts price. 10% less, 40% less, 50% less or even 80% less especially during the clearance sales. Your call baby! Hihihi~ Chill!I know you are jumping up and down right now.

So what you are waiting for?? Go for it!
Eh stop stop, chup 2 minutes!! Beforehand, here some tips during mysale shopping to be follow. Yeah, kena lah follow a bit before you 'shopaholic' jadi 'shopazilla' - regrets tak sudah or suddenly baru terasa wanna knock your own head of buying things that you are not keen into. Kan membazir tu, plus it will put such a big holes in your fancy pocket. Want to be like that? No no no... so let's try these tips a bit okeh adik2 (jangan kata akak tak pesannnnn)..huhu~

Courtesy from En.Google - Really like the quote! Hahahahahahaha

Tips for not being the 'shopazilla' during mysale shopping spree: 

1. Do you like it? Do you really really really like the item in your hands? - Don't just because you see everyone is grabbing for it, you want it too...Owh my!

2. In term of food sales, do check for the expiry date. -You don't want to end up to have a stock up but at the end you have to throw it away. What a waste! 

3. If you are truly a shopaholic babes, you are so gonna be surely to know which is a truly discounted price. Sometimes it can be discounted price on old items, left out stocks or defected products. - Windows shopping does help you so much. Tau you guys memang rajin doing this windows shopping thing...cuci mata kan ;P

4. If you are someone who are not so keen into shopping in such a mess (noisy, crowded-umat manusia berjuta2 lemon), here are the MAGIC SOLUTION for you - online shopping will be your best ever solution for it. Easy peasy, just click2 on the tips on your finger. - Save energy, save fuel consumption, save time to drive out, even save you the cost on shipping delivery! #extratip: shop the amount more than the minimum purchase, if not, your shipping cost will cost more than your desirable items.

5. Price checking if you are doing online shopping!! You definitely want the best value on the money you gonna spend right? AND....most IMPORTANT thing, check the balance in your account babes either your saving or your credit cards...make sure you do a scribble somewhere of important things like bills, your commitments then your 'kehendak' thingy supaya tak over spent. - Nanti you guys makan maggi je throughout the month, jangan salahkan ibu mengandung. ehh..hahaha~

6. There are various online shopping sites which offers you various deals from one another. Just type the key word of online shopping, hundreds of sites will appeared for you to menjamu mata. Do choose the best one and shop with confidence. Ask friends around if you are in doubt of trusted seller or not. If you wondering where to get the special price items in Malaysia, ZALORA is one of the site that offer affordable prices - No kidding as I do say this based on personal experiences. Surprise gift, theme apparels, kenduri punya dress, name it...sounds like I am one of the online addict kan. Pengakuan jujur. Hikss~ 

To not miss any special offer, amazing discounts on Zalora's spread, just sign up for it okey. Free, xkena bayar punnnnn... Hehehe~

I love shopping for things online, because when they arrive, it's like a present to me, from me.

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