Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Crochet Addiction!!

Brain stimulating:

Semua gara2 crossed over this one IG shop yang buat such a cute crochet outfit for newborn and babies. They even make crochet doll based on request (but then for dolls, currently they closed for ordering as the staff who can make it its on maternity leaves..)

I did bought this customize crochet owl set for lil princess....comel kan...;P - currently waiting for the finish product to be arrive next week!!

And En.Hubby plak just bought Hello Kitty crochet beanie for newborn and custom made 'kupluk' for his Nobi (Nobita toy yg jadi his addiction right now..hahaha). This one dah sampai dah. Nanti I snap pic of it properly k. Terbang jauh dari kekanda di Sabah yang tolong buatkan. 

Stumbled up pulak with this dolls with the same IG yang I purchased the owl set tu..tapi tu la currently they closed order for this. Once open order, we surely gonna purchase this! Hee~

You know what? I might will be asking them if they can do these cutie dolls too...

I found this from Devianart images that reverted me to this Etsy link:

Super cute!!

I wish I can do the crochet by myself. Sure akan beli all those PDF files to create such a cute doll like this!! Ingat lagi our mak2 can easily mengait nak jadikan chairback for household. Girls nowadays?? I rasa macam rare je nak jumpa who can mengait like this. Sob sob...

En. Hubby, saya nak pegi kelas belajar mengait boleh??? - Semata kannn...hahaha...Eh why now kan, conceive a new skill kan bagus ;)

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