Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Miss May and My 3rd Trimester! #babyprogress

Heart burned in a good way:

Here come the  Miss May and also starting journey of my 3rd trimester bringing this lilkhalifah in my belly. Even WWF also sending a beautiful wallpaper imaged of a black and yellow broadbill which was taken at Kinabatangan River, Sabah. Comel! If my mum ni, surely dia sgt suka as she is soooo into birds even xtau nama in specific pun. Mum being a mum...hihihi~

Being in May means I'm in a midst of possibilities to be deliver prematurely within this month. Pray hard, finger crossed lil princess will stay inside comfortably till the exact due date. Sayang Ibu duduk main dlm tu dulu ye sayang. ( I was a pre-matured baby before - kes tak sabar nak kluar tgk dunia agaknya..hikss..tu cite dulu)

By end of this week I will be having another checkup with my doc to see this lil one's progress. InsyaAllah she will be just fine. Nowadays pun makin ligat dia kicking here and there, even my brothers can see her movement on top of my shirts. Tapi kalau with her Abah, she tends to be so calm. Saje je kannn...Hahahah~

Appointment for antenatal class pun dah been scheduled within this month. Now nak buat appointment for 4D scanning. ALL in one month. Pheww! Preparation for her pun Alhamdullilah, kalau terrr -emergency, all the essential important stuff in the checklist pun siap dah. So next month bole completekan yg sikit2 lagi tinggal and get ready for my big day!! :D

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