Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I Need to Organize This!!

Brain insisted:

And its about time for me to organize these baby thingy...I've flooded my bros room with lil princess stuff. Sorry la Yin, tumpang sat na...tengah fikir mcm mana nk buat baby nursery organizer ni. Hermm think2...

Buying things for her memang super seronok!! But then how and where to keep it?? - Cracking out of me. Puas google how to do this. Huhuhu~

So let's cari decking for her!!

IKEA will be the main place to find those racking and dah tentu la Abah yang perlu need help me out drilling the dinding...hikhik~. Found storage boxes yang comel dah plus with DEX Organizer, so by end of the month, those things will be in the MUST BUY list. hihihi~ Sambil kira2 hari2 to meet a lil angel from heaven yang akan magic pop out from my rounded belly =')

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