Monday, May 18, 2015

Chillin' Up @ KOPI XOXO - The Gorpis ;)

Belly singing:

Time2 puasa mcm ni la teringin macam2. Tetiba teringat Gorpis Cheese & Choc. Owh my! Eh jangan salah sangka, bukan puasa bulan no, lum lagi ni. I'm just fasting sunat and a part of it practising my body for upcoming holy month (banyak sangat alasan orang created preggy lady tak elok ke?? -_-) Xkisah far Alhamdullilah okey je. InsyaAllah time bulan Ramadhan pun sempat kot puasa few days, a week or two before I take a break (delivery time!!!- kalau this lil khalifah nk kluar awal la kannnn)

Panjang lak mukadimah, silap2..we back on track okeh...This Gorpis thingy I mentioned sebenarnya sejenis satu spesis goreng pisang paling hipster zaman2 sekarang ni. Kalau tgk IG, bersepah2 orang checked in here. Some sort macam new place must visit! (Exaggerate much! ahahah~)
I yang sebenarnya yang terajin nak cari kat mana pisang goreng cheese yang paling best in KL, sedangkan I'm not a fan to cheese...semua pun demi En.Hubby. Gitu ;P Then found out this new place named Kopi XOXO which belong to our own M'sian actress; Nora Danish. Told En. Hubby kemain excited once he knows that. Ish3..

And we presented to you...

The Kopi XOXO & The Gorpis
3, Jalan Riong, Off Jalan Maarof,
59100 Bangsar,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Open everyday 12.30pm -9.30pm except for Monday.

Landmark nak cari tempat ni, look for Petronas yang banyak taxi kat situ. Just turn left right before the Petronas itself. Terang2 akan nampak. But then bare in mind, parking site here are so limited. If you biasa with Bangsar for sure you know where to park your care safely somewhere nearby. Takkan lah nak jugak parking depan kedai kannn...sampai la mmg xdapat lagi2 during peak hour. If rezeki yes, it's very convenient to park infront of it cuma make sure you tak block kereta orang lain ;P

The ambiance was so nice, mungkin kebetulan masa we were there, not really a peak time walaupun it was on Saturday, so tak ramai sangat orang. Concept kat sini is self service okey adik2...So just go to the counter, order and pay there and then.

Yang excited peace tu not Nora Danish, itu kakak dia..Nadia Danish. heheh~ comel je..
 Of course we ordered the main dish of the Gorpis yang famous tu. To be true, before this I memang tak pernah sentuh pisang goreng yang ada additional gravy like this. But then after trying these!!..lagi2 yang choc..super best! It felt like the pisang and chocolate melt in your mouth.. Nyumss~ Lagi2 makan panas2, dah gaya macam minum petang. Sedangkan we been there for our lunch. hihihi~ I did ordered the Bubur XOXO- sangat authentic with a blunt porridge with the very traditional side dishes, kacang, ikan bilis, salted egg, kangkung and some gravy make it we feel at home. Tu tak sempat nk snap pic sbb En. Hubby dah ngap habes. Plus our table were so full with foods. Hahaha~ typical us. Makan berdua but then macam 10 orang makan ;P

The Gorpis : Cheese & Choc -RM8.00
The Gorpis :Original Cheese - RM8.00
For me the price range kinda of affordable even ada some tu mcm pricey a bit, but then worth it if you are looking for something different and love trying new places.  Bukan hari2 you gonna make it as your food court kan. It is a nice place to hangout with friends. If nak buat small event pun okey to be here. ;D
In additional, just beside the cafe is RUMODA (a place for gadis2 muslimah looking for a decent clothes, lots of brands under one roof).

Happy mommy to be with happy tummy. Hehehe~

I think this will be a part of my fav place to have some good meals. ;D Sorry la...inilah kisah Puan Enny and foods. Dipisahkan tiada..hihih~ ;P

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