Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Superheroes Lives in Us #aTheme2Wear

Brain rejuvenating: 

Selalunya people always adore 'Superheroes', 'Villains' xnak adore?? Tapi this time the committee need us to be 'Superheroes' of our own. Huh?? Mula2 dapat whatsapp group information, it was like erkk?? Sudahhh...dah buyung2 macam ni, they asked me to be Wonder Women. Hahaha~ Memang taklah. Adey suka request macam2 tau. -_-

This was our final atheme2wear theme for this financial year. Plus alang2 Avengers are so IN right now, so makanya all sorts of superheroes semua kluar.
Nak mencari stuff related pun mcm satu hal jgk. En.Hubby suggested macam2 benda..eeee nak pakai for once je ni sayang. Sudahnya after jalan2 kat Amcorp Mall, I sempat grabbed a tshirt of Spidey!! Hehehe~

Beginilah rupa kami di hari theme wear. Booth blakang tu courtesy one of the Tower yang sgt rajin nk built it up for all of us to have fun. ;D

#atheme2wear #ProudToBeAGSCEmployee

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