Tuesday, May 5, 2015

It's So Advanced! ;)

Brain smiling:

Yes, lil one haven't see the world yet! But then having some friends who always in advance in everything, lil princess has got her first prewalk shoes!! Hehe...and only can be wear once she get bigger a lil bit okey En.Uncle yang suka travel tu. ;P
The moment I'm typing this, she is moving like massaging my tummy from inside. Suka la tu.. Sabar ye sayang, you can wear once you begin to walk nanti.

Yesterday pun, we sempat grabbed two lil soft toys for her cuddlemate (selain Ibu & Abah la kan...hee). A lil early prezzie for you lil one. Lil khalifah yang dinanti semua org ;')

Organic softoys from Ibu & Abah and prewalk shoes from Kota London ;D TQ Uncle Sidek!! 

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