Friday, November 30, 2012

Sweet Much ^ ^

Heart can't stop smiling :

Haihh nak sorok sgt ye Puan Atiza a.k.a Cik Atiz kat office ni. ;P Well then gara2 I was looking at her pictures and terbrowsing her FB profile. Tada!! Your wedding video was there. Ohoo xhabaq mai no! ;P

I thought there was only one for the solemnization itself. BUT so many thanks to En.Youtube, its linked to each other. Ada 3-3 majlis sekali. Hahaha~

The Solemnization
"...Aku terima nikahnya Atiza Binti Sarbani dengan mas kahwin RM 300 tunai.."

Bride's Reception
" Atiza : dia ada ciri2 like my father . Fitri : ..yeah sbb dia lawa..tu main factor la.." ;P

Groom's Reception
"..setelah 5 tahun, kini dia menjadi isteri saya "...;D

Pheww khatam sudah kali kedua tgk video korang ni. :P Love much teasing Atiza by im'ing her.. "Weyh Enny malu2, geli okey, I pun skip xtgk...geli3..."..AHAHAHAH~ comel la ketahuan sejarah korg ni. ngeee~ Buat hati I yang bunga2..Over! Hik3..

And if you come across to read this, I never knew that so many of my name imprinted in your blog too ;D


Owh turned out to be we had a reunion between me, Atiza, Wanee and Hana. Reunion upon the luncheon at Baci, Citta Mall today were so much us. Makan best! ;P

We MISS you girlss!!Shud catch up again soon my lovely gorgeous girls. ;D

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