Saturday, December 1, 2012

He Got Hitched!!

Heart blossomly :

Virtual calendar kept on beeping! Phone reminder kept on buzzing! Head kept on ringing!
Akasha getting married today!!
Been waiting for this ages!
Ok tuh drama je lebih...heee~ after few years mcm2 cerita, macam2 kisah menjadi Cik Robin pd En.Batman sorang ni..
Phew finally! ;P Okey for friends who know him close enough sure will understand why I said 'pheww''...ahahah~ But well then Kasha, ,my doa' are always with you kan and yes everything fall at the right place right person at the right time beautifully right? ;D Even saat2 akhir pun I still suspend lg. Ngee~

You know what I la manusia yang paling super duper happy when surely know this thing going to be REAL!
And excited much bila he himself sent out the card directly to the office few days ago.
How come than I would not come when he made such efforts. You are just far too kind dear. ;D

It's kinda hectic day a bit when I was out in search for his wedding gift, sempat tgk movie sesorg lagi, tup2 it's almost 5pm and it was RAINING! Homaiii...memang kalut nak balik and bersiap. Am sooo going to be late with this raining mode.
Thanks to my lil sis who made the efforts tuk pastikan I sampai jugak the majlis itself even dah sesat few times. Okey Tropicana Golf Club & Resort, google map pun xmembantu okeh..but yeah at last we managed to find it. Gila I tak datang wedding dia?? Memang mau merajuk bertaun2...huu can't brain that ;P (Actually menjadi saviour jgk for some friends who couldn't make it  -'Enny pleaseee go and say sorry to him k. Terbaik!' Duhh~ ;P)

I just can't stop smiling. It was such a beautiful place itself. One thing that I like about having a wedding at night, all the marquee tents with those lights make the whole event romantically feels. Sangat fairytale. Xkisahlah I was all alone there but few friends of him made me feel like home and I am enjoying it by myself. The beautiful decoration by Reka Teemor, of course the beautiful and handsome bride and groom.
He saw me and asked me to wait for a while. Sure! Pix with both you adalah pic wajib for the day!
Sambil2 tu I was playing around with my Cik D300 and here some snapshot for the day ;D

Beautiful right?
It such an awkward moment itself. Ye lah sorang2 kan but then I made some few new friends. Hee~ Just being Cik Enny kan..heheh~ Playing with lil kids. Owh the whole event itself accompanied by a violinist okey. Malay guy siap malu2 lagi. Alahai...but he was so cool. I duk main teka2 what song he was playing (of course dlm kepala je).

And I present to you the bride and groom of the day...

Akasha Md Noor
Laura Aristizabal Sanchez

Candid shot ;P

Tiba2 Kasha jadi terlebih comel & Laura is gorgeous as always ;D

With the bestie ;D
As I was bringing up my camera, snap sana sini suddenly I heard " Eh ada photographer ppuan la".. Ooopss, okey Encik2 OP, sila buat tugas anda..saya nyebuk jap je. Heee~

To my dear Akasha,

Now you are a married guy,
Things will never be the same,
Yet  there always be a room for you to learn..
To be a better guy, a good husband and father to be,
You are a nice guy and I believe you always going to be one,
May God bless both of you till Jannah,
One thing that I can promise to be the same,
I still be here being your friend dunya' akhirat.

Selamat Pengantin Baru Akasha & Laura!!!

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