Monday, December 17, 2012

It Just A Nisa Day!!

Heart smiling :

15th December 2012

It was Nisa day!!
Eventhough ada citer xbest, eh bukan about her. She was all fine. Cantik, cheeky, happy as always.
Its me!! Suddenly can fall sick, totally sick -vomiting, super headache, blurry vision (have no idea what's wrong with me).

But still I'm so elated for this event. Whatsapp2 tu WAJIB! Even I was not there far2 away in JB with her. Sorry sgt2 yunk I can't be with you on that beautiful day. Tapi I janji!! On your nikah day, reception day, muka I confirm menyebuk di situ. Nak jugak! Heheh~

See?? My gorgeous Cik Nisa in her Engagement dress. Lovely color. Sesuai sangat dgn dia yg putih melepak tu. Hee~  This pix sent by her on the exact day. Thank you dear. Selamat menjadi tunangan orang OFFICIALLY! Hehehe~
Behave2 takleh nakal2 sangat dah pasni..;P

Can't wait to see you next week!!  

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nisa ~ shasha said...

hehehehe thankkk youuuuu cik enny!!! i terharu kuasa 800 ni!!!