Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pssst..Wedding Things V.2

Heart blossomly :

Its all DONE!

For 3 days in the row we slept at 4am for final touch up. Kalau dah rupa zombie on the actual day harap maaf la ye. Tapi takpe, main higlight bukan I kan, so look straighttt at my beloved bro n sis in law. Sila2..;P
Siapkan pintu gerbang, rebus telur, packing the goody bags, started to create our own pelamin. (Note : yes most of the thing are DIY...for foods je kitaorg panggil catering). Homaiii...kalau xsabar mmg nak nages dah. Feel like 1001 benda xsiap lagi!!! But well, thankfully my family do have such great companions by Kak Nor (jiran depan rumah) and Auntie Nor with his daughters (jiran blakang rumah) yang hari2 datang tolong with lot of things. I is so terharu...sob sob..Ok drama je tu :P

The khemah were up, lights on..and the party jgn over...where got this party2? At night we did a kenduri doa selamat sempena majlis esok hari and also for our superhero Abg Born who just touched down safe and sound back in Malaysia in the afternoon itself after his Solo Expedition to Antartica for the last 3 weeks. Dia balik exactly a day before my lil bro wedding day sbb dia juga akan jd org penting for the day. *Terharu lagi...

The Groom's Reception
Date : 29122012
Location : Topaz 3, Bandar Saujana Putra

As early as 9am, all my jirans who being so dedicated to this event dah bersedia melaporkan diri utk bertugas.Semangat kan!! Tiba2 nervous, my mum panic...ahahah~ Istighfar2..everything will be just fine. I was the main coordinator merangkap segala2nya for the day as my parents were super bz with the guests.

Actually ada drama sikit, tiba2 ada jiran baru pindah plak and his lorry blocked our way. Homai2...tapi warga2 Topaz 3 dgn segala coolnya instead of being mad, sume skali tlg angkat barang cepat sikit punggah semua barang ke rumah kosong tu. Untung bakal jiran baru tu....tba2 ramai orang tlg (motifnya nk suruh lori jalan cpt skit, event nak start ni..ahahah~) Well apa slhnya tlg jiran baru kan...leh jd geng bawah lampu skali nnt ;P

Exactly at 2pm, the newly wed arrived in Fiesta escorted by 6 superbikes from our surau nearby. Wuuuu~ Okey2 kroni2 superbikers tu mmg kawan2 my lil abaikan saje if dorang nak showed off lebih sikit. ;P
Stretched up over 6 tents agak mencabar mental dan fizikal, mcm nk tegang2 urat kaki tgn pipi duk senyum spjg masa. Seronok sebenarnya when seeing all went well.

Foods : Guest cakap SEDAP!
Pelamin : Cool! Hasil tgn ramai org...handmade..hik3..even En.Diva Photog pun speechless ;P
Deco : Mega Event Catering mmg terbaik
Pengantin : Comel!!
Familia : 2x lagi comel la...habes kena color baby pink/baby blue..ahahah~
Jiran2 : Sangat sporting.. TERBAIK!!
Guests : you guys were the most special one..thanks for coming and for all the well wishes, gifts and tokens. ;)

With a humble gratitude, tons of thanks (actually it much more from the word of ‘Thanks’) to all who involved in such a beautiful event of my lil brother wedding last 2 weekends in the row.

Especially thanks to warga2 my family and my sis in law family worked their sweats off to make this thing happened beautifully. 
To Abg Born who brought up along the pre-wed pix of this newly wed to Antartica for his Solo Expedition Malaysia- Antartica 2012 (terharu to see the pic was finally there), 

To warga2 Topaz 3 yang sangat dedicated & excited for this event, 
To my dear GF GG yang sentiasa with me thru all the events, 
To my diva En.Photog Sidek yang bersbr sepenuh raga with citer bznya kawan yang sorg ni, 
To my dear Cip yang hari2 dgr my updates and sudi came with abah dari jauh, 
To 2 cool bros Andrew and Abg Ijat yang mmg without failed to be with me, 
To my dearest GFs mummy Ayu, Mary, Icha & Abg Amin yang berjaya jumpa rumah even sesat2 cari jalan and thanks to a Boss and friends yang sempat datang to this event.
You guys just made my day. 

This thankful thought also goes to dearest friends who texted, called to wish for a blessing event even you guys can’t show up on the day. Your well thought of it InsyaAllah I received it with full of love.

To my dear bro Aza Suffi and Mariam Zaid, Selamat Pengantin Baru from your big sis. Wish this new journey will fulfill with happiness, joy and bless from HIM. InsyaAllah.

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