Monday, December 10, 2012

She's GONE T__T

Heart mourning :

Niki...she just gone. Gone for good. May she rest in peace.
Seeing her in sickness made me feel devastated all the way, hoping there a way to keep her alive. We did all we can just to make her move again. She doesn't want to drink, eat even to play with the other three. She getting skinnier than ever.
For the past 2 days, she was with me in my room sleeping in her basket. Listening to her sounds, watching how she bear the pain, nurtured her to get stronger...knowing her death by the phone, drained me with tears.

After all, a cat can be so many things to humans: a friend, a child, a companion, a support system, a nurse, a silent therapist, or a reminder of past events or people. A cat can even provide a purpose in life for the elderly, the infirmed, or the mentally or physically disabled person, and could well be their sole reason for living. Is it any wonder we feel such heartache, misery, and pain when they pass from our lives?People will wonder why you have to cry for such animal? But to pet lovers, dying is the most hardest loss to cope. We bonded in our own way make they are part of us.

Thanks to a friend who get a glimpse of my tweet about this and he did tried his best to console me. Guess you also can understand the feel right. Thanks for being there for me. Coping with grief when you lil cat dies will never be easy. But I will try, try to make it out the best of it. Chimot, Montel and Niko will always remind me of you.
I will miss you a lot lil Niki.

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