Thursday, December 6, 2012

When Man Become A Boy

Brain analyzing :

We used to hear 'When Boy Become A Man' right. But to me, my cases all lingered to be 'When Man Become A Boy'. Funny facts though.

No matter how old you are, what position you hold, what background you coming from...
I'm suppose all guys around me love to act such way.
Might be out of norm for being super social, sophisticated or being such a nice guy.
But with me, these people turn out to be such a kid. ;P
They can be 'sangat comel' or being such an annoying monster. Ahaha~
How to adapt? BE LIKE THEM. ;p

Ciri2 when man become a boy :
1. Manja semacam -sume benda nak berteman, nak bereport, nak berkepit..huuuu (boleh nak pengsan jgk kalau nk melayan yang satu ni)
2. Merengek for not getting something - when he got what he want senyum kamben or ignore je ..huu berlagak plak!
3. Sulking - wahhh for a lil thing tarik muka. Ingat comel sgt la skrg?
4. Drama byk sgt - sebab byk sgt tgk drama Hindustan ke or drama Melayu ni?
5. Insisting of something that people will say 'ha?' - eg: Enny nape u tak like pic I kat Instagram? Like la... *drool - okey apakah itu sgt2 perlu direquest? -___-
6. He will show you the side that you can't see when he is in front of his friends, another alter ego , crisis identity I'm suppose ;P
7. Attention seeker - dah gaya mcm kurag kasih syg sungguh.

Hard for me to explain how exactly they being such way. Psychologynya maybe they are comfortable much for being a lil kid infront of me or just knowing that I couldn't be bother. FYI, actually I always laugh out of it. Hee badut2 comel saya ;P Yeah I do know no matter how mature you are or wise enough, the 'kid' still live in you.Believe me once a while, you also being as one without you realizing it especially with someone you just try to get their attention with your comelness. Hehe~ ;P

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