Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Night Off ^ ^

Brain is having fun :

Again we back to memory lane. Familiar with Beauty and The Beast?  And now Sunway bringing up Beauty and The Beast The Musical at Amphitheater Sunway to us live from 1 Dec - 31st Dec 2012. Eh tetiba promote lak. Hee~ Go go buy the tix now as the show will be on till akhir bulan pun ;P

Planning for this actually sgt random. Knowing me! Hahah~ and dengan sekelian kalinya I dragged on my dearest officemates. It was also sempena for Syairah's celebration yang baru lepas exam for ICAEW a day before.  The best part was I never know that my officemate rupanya ramai jugak yang jiwa kanak2 like me. ;p
Ha yes! Looking at the pic pun tau kan..there were 1 Beast with 3 Beauties...tuh 'the Beast' tu sendiri cakap. ahahah~

The show was about two hours with 15 minutes intermission. We just laughed all the way because of that 'beast' kept on teasing us. Bukan Beast yang kat pentas tu tau, ni ha yang duk sblh I tu. Tak reti duduk diam sungguh. Hee~
Btw, it was not typically story like in the book itself. As musical surely they need to add minus some of the scenes to make it more interesting. They even included 'Gangnam Style' -OMG! and Lady Gaga song. Imagine that. Totally out of expectation. Ahaha~
I can say the whole musical itself was fun except for the very loud audio till we barely can hear what the actor/actress saying. But layankan je.. Hee
Thanks for the Beauty and the Beast crew for their hospitality. Siap naik trem to go to the Amphitheater itself. Wooo, we jalan2 satu Sunway Lagoon tu. Ooppss sorry Andrew, I know you such a sweetheart to become our PR earlier to get the best seat ever but then up to the show I was the lil diva all the way. ;P But then you la En.Driver, En.Bodyguard yang paling best for 3 of us for the nite. Nanti I angkut you lagi eh.. Hik3

Parts of the scenes...

So guys, what up? Go find your tix now. It will be a good experience you know. ;D

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