Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Public Hohoho~

Heart smiling :

It just another off day. Well then for Selangorian it is. Sorry peeps in another district ;P Keje bbaik k. Hehe~

Another random day for me, sepatutnya ada janji with someone but with some 'kejadian' happened to be I'm all alone again. But this is my area, apa ada hal kan? Kluar je, chill ;P
Ran some errands, went to post office to send out some wedding cards AND catch up for a movie. Owh keje sangat biasa Cik Enny buat ha...hehe~
Yup2, finally I watched this!!

Yeay, it brings back my childhood memories of all these characters.
No matter what it is, whether you've known of these childhood-fantasy characters, this is really a movie to enjoy and indulge in. BELIEVE is the key word for this movie. Those magical moments, the story line and the graphics, they are all simply awesome, certainly a movie to go for as a warm-up for the upcoming Christmas. Do enjoy the movie, it's a waste to miss this really. If you really into fantasy just like me.
I know there are some people did watched this few times without hesitation. Hehe~

Owh, out of guilt, the 'friend' who promised me early just turned up after thousand of apology to me. Chill la bro, ingat I nak mengamuk2 meroyan ke? Without you pun I can just have fun by my own. Tapi being Cik Enny I just couldn't afford to be so cold when orang dah minta maaf kan.

Up2 to Dian Pelangi for my quest. Hu quest sangat. Actually I'm looking for the telekung and the Hijab Street Style book by Dian Pelangi that I been longing for long. Playing in the boutique were so much fun, as its was only me and the friend. All the collection are just so tempting with sugar colors but harus bawak2 bersabar till end of this month. More important thing is just around the corner. Inner peace, inner peace! ;P

Shout out for that friend, thanks sbb xsegan silu teman for today. Buat lagi mmg I denda borong sume collection kat Dian Pelangi tu sbb awak kan suka sangat panggil saya Cik Pelangi. heeee~

Well then peeps! See ya tomoro..ngantuk bangat sih.

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