Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Siblings W New Addition ;D

Brain tickling :

Last minute shops for my lil bro end to be sibling's day out. That is how I spent my Christmas holiday itself. Ikutkan hati nak tdo ddiam chill out kat rumah, public holiday kan..lebih bhgia bertapa dari merayap ke sana sini ngadap traffic yang sungguh bertatasusila tu.

I still have something to buy tuk 2 org bodyguards tu for our side reception. So makanya kena la jugak kluar. Huu berchenta la hai...tapi sbb pengantin baru yg jadi drebar so takpe. Hahah~
Theme : smart casual please. Huu, doing some shopping with manusia adam ni will never be easy lagi2 kalau ada adik yang taste kalah kakaknya. Hyepp jgn lawan tokey ha.. Banker sini!
From Topshop to Zara to Mango to G2000...naseb x ke Raoul...over sgt! 
Hanya tuk mencari 3 shirts in 3 diff colors took us 4 hours to find it. Pheww~

Then we headed up to Low Yat & Sg. Wang Plaza to fix up my Miss BB and searched for some accessories for the day. Express services, my Miss BB kembali bernyawa in half an hour. Yeay! On je beratus email masuk skali gus, miscalls hermm no tak knl so leh abaikan, BBM xpenting..uikss ada Whatsapp msg from someone..heee~

Seriously I started to have a headache balik tu, boleh jgn time2 camni x? shushhh..(sebenarnya I is lapar. hahaha) Balik pun we need to mix and match for everything. Dah gaya cam nk gi gala nite je, padahal it just for the wedding (which 4 of us will be super bz on that day..mengada je..hee~)
OK, done for the day!
Looking forward to this Saturday. Heee~All of us will be back to Saujana starting from tomorrow for final touch up for the event. A wedding again.. ^ ^

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