Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wedding Bell!!!

Brain ticking:

Ha, it's not heart beating dah ni. Semalam baru picked up the ring, cari songkok. Today will be the last touch up for everything before the solemnization day tomorrow. Pheww bertuah ada adik suka last minute cenggini. Kakaknya yang xbernafas okeh.

Nasib I ada tag team yang memang PAKAR bab2 last minute ni, name it : cari photographer, cari cincin kawen, cari baju kawen, cari kek....yes it within the reach..but please jangan bagi I heart attack sebegini rupa selalu. Memang mau kena bypass jap gi kat IJN. Hishh mintak simpang.

And tonight I'll be 'singgah sana' at Sierra Residency to pick up the last hantaran for him. Gonna meeting up my dear talented friend (and gorgeous jgk) in making of cupcakes and tier cakes. Sangat adorable okey. Once you see it, surely you barely to eat it. Kalau boleh preserved mmg dah lama I buat.
But cupcakes and cakes surely meant to eat it ;P

Want to know who she is?? Here the link I'll share with you.  ;D Yes she is the one who made my special gift as a hantaran for my lil bro.;)
Can't wait to see it.....

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