Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rebound Mode

Heart blisting :

Jadi tempat rebound, saya ok.
Find me when you want to have fun,
Find me if you sad,
Find me if you really pissed off,
Find me if you feel hurt,
Find me if you all alone,
Find me if you need to heal,
Find me if you just feel like to laugh,
Find me if you want someone to listen,
Find me if you in deep sorrow,
Find me if you need to learn about love again.
And saya OK.

Well then who am I of denying all of you when you need someone. My heart been compress to be more than a word of 'strong' to adapt this. Hey don't get me wrong dear, I am happy, happy to see you manage to smile again at least. ^ ^
To someone, your rebound phase are almost done. Hope you gonna be happy again.

Btw, came across this from Kak Al's FB page...

We become like the 10 persons we choose to be friends with. So choose carefully..


Happy moments, praise Allah. Difficult moments, seek Allah. Painful moments, trust Allah. Every moment, thank Allah 

If Allah can turn night into today, then He can turn your burden into a blessing.


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