Monday, December 3, 2012

8 Hours Before ^ ^

Brain processing :

Ni la kisahnya 8 hours before wedding Akasha.......

Patutnya entry ni diup on 1st Dec or yesterday but then makanya smlm dah kepengsanan sebab kepenatan sangat. Back foward as 'nomad' ni agak mencabar fizikal. With events yang non stop coming up, of course need to catch up kan..kang kena cop 'anti sosial' pulak. I need to see more people! Tiba2 ;P

Pagi2 lagi I dah out from the house menjalankan misi untuk hari ini > cari wedding gift Kasha > buy mum's the Australian birds mug collections > tgk movie!

Dating? Memang xlah..I was all alone. Hey tak psiko pun gi jejalan sesorang. Best jugak. Rasa cam ADUN, jalan sana sini pagi2, senyum kat orang, orang senyum balik kat kita. What a wonderful feeling. Spread the love peeps ;P

It's 1130am..! Time to watch the tiger yang comel. What I meant was, I was watching Life of Pi (last minute plan to be true...beli tix online trus pegi Mid and collect the tix).

What can I say, it is such a beautiful movie. Its deep, it has his own willingness to capture audience heart without been ask. The survival are much out of our capability but when you have faith, you believe in God, you will never give up. ;D..
Go see it people! Worth to watch okey ;)

Gara2 berjalan sgt, it almost 5pm, yet I need to get ready for Akasha's wedding. Wuuu, it was raining. Of course la akan jadi super lambat ni. Sob..sob..T__T

Artscarf, OldBlossomBox, Kardashian Kollection, Burberry, Charles&Keith and Marc Jacob Lola ;D
Tada!! Sorry la pic vain sgt! Heee..This is what I wore for his wedding. Punya la semangat.;P Sent this pix to someone, bole plak he asked 'Is that you?'...Owh my..of course la tu I ..ish3

Owh and yes, the newly wed sent me this pix last night di kala2 phone ku dah tenat baterinya. Laura was opening the wedding gift! Hope you guys like it. Kasha kata cantik!! Hee~ Bole lah compliment at your new apartment kan? ;)

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