Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pre Wed ke?? ;P

Brain working :

On the same day we were having a 'Kenduri Doa Selamat' for a neighbor that will be going for his far2 away land expedition, my lovely super adorable lil bro came to me making a request :

"Kak, akak la snap pix kitaorg. Segan lah dgn Abah. Kat Putrajaya eh?"

Wah demand plak.
All this just because it was a request from Abah to him to prepare a picture imprinted on a piece of cloth. For what? Aha.. sebab tu I called it as 'Project Antarctica. Hehe~
Mana boleh reveal skrg ;P

Its not easy okey to snap pic budak berdua ni. Dengan takde mood , berdrama plak ni. Haihh~ Its not me, I cool je. Ahaha~
Believe or not, this photoshoot only took about less than 1 hour. Harus PANTAS!!
Dah nama pun Dataran Putrajaya, been watched by people while I was doing my job... AWKWARD please!!
Mengada je.. Sape suruh kau sebuk snap pic tgh2 alam tu then you as a photog wearing a skirt while doing your snapping? Kata cool ;P

Done with editing for FB, now I have to do a special one for the particular project.
Idea2 come to mummy!!
Deadline buat sendiri : ESOK!! *pengsan

Well then I'll give a lil clue for the Project itself. Its related to this :

Shall wait for it okey?? ;D

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