Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Extreme Enough?

Brain rushing :

Finally the day! Another birthday treat for myself. Yeayy..And the most likely. 
AEROCHUTE!!! In Pulau Indah (pegi google map mana area tu) Hehe~

Seharuslahnya lah my partner in crime yang mana lagi ku haruk pegi buat benda2 camni.. We present to you my most-sama je pangai -gila big sis, Kak Alena. I feel like mcm byk je nama Kak Al inside here. Huhu~ Xpelah bagi femes skit ;P

As early as 6am, I'm off to KotaWarisan to meet up my sis. Felt a bit weng gara2 tido for only 2 hours and I have to be up for our day. But the excitement up beats the wengness..huhu~ Semangat punya pasal. ;P
It took like 2 hours to arrive. Siap sesat2 segala. Memang confirmed la sampai Westport terus. Haha~
Tersangat la extreme perjalanan kami ke Pulau Indah. Well the video down here is the way how we get there. Itu pun after few attempt of sesatness baru we managed to find the exact place. Gila horror!

The guy who gonna assist us have waited for us sambil sengih kerang busuk. Motif kau nak senyum2 camtu? Tadi org text takmo offer plak to guide us. After almost one hour we sesat, baru nak call?? Memang nak kena sekeh dia ni tau.

Huu adrenalin was rushing so fast! Okey tu drama. Tak rasa apa pun sbnrnya. Haha~ Best layan angin kat padang luas macam ni. It was like 1km from our place is the sea. Eh ye ke? But so call as Marina Pulau Indah.
Nice view. There were another two girls also joining us for these session. Eh where were guys??? Konpem2 korang penakut buat benda2 camni kan...;P..Knowing me and Kak Al, ntah sape2 je terus jadi kawan. Hampeh..hahah~

We started with my big sis. Bagi honorable to her to fly first as she is the most penakut one. Hik2...Encounter your phobia sis (kegayatan yang acute. adui!). Ye ye je.  Turun2 je, happy kemain.

Time for me to take off!! Kali ni dengan arahan sila bwk camera skali naik atas tu. Perintah dituruti.;P
Sangat breathtaking, memang la Pulau Indah ni tak seindah mana. But watching the earth from up in the sky will never go wrong. All the wind and how smoothly my 'pilot' cruised us around the area. Awesome!
Pic2 all with my sis, siap kidnap from her, I'll post some of the view okeh.

Its ended in the afternoon itself. Wuuu after this wanna try the paramotor plak. Jum! That one need to do some exercise of the hands first and some training how to handle the parachute. Agak mencabar jugak gayanya tu.

Our day didn't stop yet. Food tasting in Saujana Putra and we headed up to Reko Zone' I0I Mall Puchong with the kids; Adam, Awal and Adeena. Play time!! Phewww...
Sudahnya kul 11 jugak la baru sampai rumah sampai si kecik Awal  'nak Auntie Enny, nak Auntie Enny' when Kak Al dropped me home. Sudah, dia xbg balik. Siap nages2...hehe~ si kecik ni mmg drama skit. InsyaAllah next time Auntie Enny jumpa Awal lagi okeh. 

Now nak pengsan dah. 

Fun day!!! ;D

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