Friday, November 30, 2012

Fry..Flyday Perhaps?

Heart beating up :

To some music..hehe~ Listening to this. Thanks to Azhani Ali who posted this. Love it to the acoustic beats.

Yeah today gonna have a lunch date with gossiper terhebat ;P
Plus need to get ready for Akasha's wedding for tomorrow. Sambil2 menjahit last night ( am I typing this? MENJAHIT? hahaha~ ) Yup2, much to add some material to my peplum shirt actually. Ntah apa jadi, well then need to see it tomorrow la kan. Heee~
Siap2 mintak tlg Abah send out the D300 for tomorrow to the house as I'm not going back to Saujana..again for Saturday..(pheww too many events to attend). Seems to be early day of tomorrow, need to do the wedding gift hunting and feel like going for a movie. En.PTD jum teman Nini esok tgk movie? ;P

p/s : There only one particular guy je yang suka sgt panggil I 'Nini'. Dah gaya nama kucing dah ha...but to him its gonna be 'Nini cokelat celup..celup..celup'..Homai...hahaha ;P

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