Monday, November 26, 2012

Kisah 12 Jam

Brain depleting :

Depleted sgt..dah rejuvenated pun. Saje gimik skit..Heee~ Sowie2..
It just happened last Friday, mcm makan terbyk sgt...perut sesenaknya..Homaii makan xberagak lagi sape suh?
Ala, orang dah celebrate kan birthday kita.. What Enny? Again? Yes2, but this time by office people..Yipeee~
Thanks En.Andrew for the arrangement (memang keje u pun kan..;P) HR awal2 lagi dah tanya are you working on the Friday? Make sure you datang tau. Something up for you. Huhu~ Baik Boss!! ;P- nampak sgt muka asik cuti..hahah

Then, instead of going home to Saujana as usual, I stayed in KL as I have something to do plus a private screening for the Saturday night. Wehuu~ The Twilight Marathon of course.

We went there about 10 something. The screening will be starting at 1145pm pun. Smgt je nk pegi awal2 skit sbb dah kena pesan pegi amik pass dulu. Owh yeah we also have been reminded to bring sweater, your own pillow and blankets. Homaii, seems like we going to sleep here.
Kisahnya memang YA pun!!.. and back to back for 12 HOURS!
Actually I didn't know this will be a private screening itself and there were 3 groups of Metro, Hitz.FM and NTV7. Macam agak ramai jugak la..Tapi special, my one was on NTV7 team (insider dlm tu ma..;P); my name was the 1st in the list..nama E sgt. Heheh~
Siap kena signed memorandum, for the sake of our security as we gonna be there for the whole night di kala Wangsa Walk Mall tu dah tutup.
Due to some technical issues, our marathon started at 1 am to be precise. Macam nak tepu menunggu sambil duk makan popcorn yang manis tahap leh kena kencing manis kalau makan berbakul2 ni.
But the crowd were so sporting, we memekak2 je dlm tu sambil tahan sejuk. Haha~
We were provided with popcorns, Coke and mineral water during the movies. Owh there was also breakfast buffet for us. Tapi ingat boleh makan ke time2 sejuk beku tu? xlalu menahan mengantuk! Huuu menjadi satu sukan mencabar minda jugak ni.

I even made a hashtag for it  #TwilightMarathon2012 in Twitter and rasanya Naqib & GG je perasan I buat hashtag tu. Gara2 bosan punya psl..Updated spjg masa marathon tu dari the Twilight > New Moon > Eclipse > Breaking Dawn Part 1 > and the finale Breaking Dawn Part 2.
12 hours for this movies which made me such a bloodsucker the next morning. Memang jadi vampire sungguh as we were up for the whole night for this. Baru la Twilight kan!! as what Naqib said ;P Ceyhh ~

I just can't imagine if there will be Harry Potter Marathon like this. You wanna go? If I...pikir 10 kali jugak kot. ;P When Twilight Saga -5 movies stands for 12 hours, Harry Potter Trilogy -8 movies will be how many hours?? Calculate la..

Well then, it does happened to be a fun event then. Buat record sndri. Before this I pernah buat marathon 3 diff movies in the same day ngn En.Advisor. Now he can't beat me with this Twilight Marathon. ;P
Special thanks to Nusantara Film, TGV and NTV7 especially April for the hospitality. You memang junior I paling best. hehehe~

Okey time to pass out...I tak tdo for the past 24 hours ni ..Talk to you later peeps!

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