Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Such a Goodie Enny! ;P

Brain speculating :

Today just full with unexpected statement from dearest colleagues. Macam comel je. Tengah2 buat kerja dgr nama disebut2. Eh apa benda budak2 ni duk cerita2 psl duit? Sekali keluar statement :

" Enny tak pandang harta benda ni, dia tengok hati budi "

Wow, those words coming out from you?? Baiknya I? Hahaha~ I did tweeted this just now, my dear friend tup replied suh gi lunch! karang lapar semua tak pandang. Hik3 . How thoughtful you are ;P

Then masa luncheon with my dear Santa Claus, actually tak la lunch sgt sebab dia kena teman me cari something from Kardashian Kollection. Suddenly he commented:

"I don't feel you such a schopaholic like other girls, right"..

Ahaha~ you never know how shopaholic I can be. Cuma bezanya with concrete reason.  Hu ye ke? ;P
Well have to be with me la to see how I shops.. Hehe

Yeayy , done buying tickets for this!!

Something to look forwards in December!! ;D

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