Monday, August 5, 2013

When You Been Spotted!

Brain digesting :

Received an email randomly from a personal of one big department in KKM itself. A department yang ditakuti semua orang. Sebab apa? Ha after this you will know. ;P

It's a department will do the audit of each department in the company itself.
Me? Been offered to join them as a part of GCAD IT..layman term : Internal auditor IT.
Homai, in sense of prospect mcm menarik lagi2 it got to travel a lot but if they say this last 3 years ago, I might go without hesitation but... now I'm not keen to travel to leave my beloved one alone behind and been working like almost 20 hours per day. Macam super horror -_-

It's been almost two weeks been bugged by them. Beriya2 suruh I just go for the interview at least to know what the scope, what they can provide. Terasa terharrased ok. Ahaha~
Even tried to persuade me as this offer is by invitation, special. So? Just because someone higher recommended my name, I just might go? Of course I need to think the pro and cons right?
Really appreciate when some people do see my potential but not in this way. Thanks but no thanks.

I did have chat with a friend of mine who is Asst.Manager in PWC..kroni2 auditor la jugak..Agaknya mingled with him lama sgt, end up dgn I melekat to be an auditor. Haha~ Taknak la.. He was so happy when got to know this, siap cakap 'wah rising star Sime ni!'..yadayadaya... I'm not interesting cuma rasa excited bila people do this to me. Hampeh tul kau ni Enny.
Sorry, seronok ok bila rasa actually people are calculating your potential and know you because of your work..bukan dari gosippppssss! So much entertaining. No beautifulnara here please! Hahaha~

So moral of the stories, keje la dgn ikhlas, jujur, people will see the truth you. Jangan byk sgt mengelat.. what ever we gain, the rezeki runs in our blood.

See ya!

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