Friday, January 31, 2014

Special Invitation #TOF

Brain constipated:

Owh my! Got an email from our Volunteer Coordinator of Mercy Mission Malaysia...
It was a special invitation for all volunteers who got involved with the event a month ago. Hermm... Really want to the same date I got another 2 more event. Which I wish can belah2 diri to go for all...: (

15th Feb  - 1. IT Escapade 2014 (company event - compulsory)
                  2. A wedding (old school friend -MGSKL - which I mmg org paling susah utk dorg jumpa)
                  3. MM Ansari Special ToF Volunteer Appreciation event (Mercy Mission Malaysia)

Dah pasti la I kena pegi for the company's one..  hope the gathering will be fun. huuu~

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