Monday, March 2, 2015

Tax, Donation, Zakat! Tanggungjawab?

Brain do the talking:

Time for billss.... And it's E-Filing time again!! Kata dah masuk March don't we? TAX time -_-
Learnt from the past, all documentation, receipts all in order dah started from early of the past year...tunggu masa nk key in the E-Filing je all over again.

For me, every year mmg wajib la nk kena buat declaration ni, bukan sebab gaji besar sgt but for the sake xnk kena audit xmemasal for next 10, 20 years akan dtg sbb LHDN ni mmg suka random je pick up names to do the audit. Jap gi kena penalti, berpuluh2 ribu. Huuu takpe la, xredho I. Hahahah~ Very the dangerous.

Mine?? SETTLED!! Phewww...Tak susah pun nk complete kan E-Filing form tu, just refer to your EA Form yang company provided kan okeh. Easy peasy...;D Just don't procrastinate, as the dateline for taxes payment by 30 April. Buat la okeh wahai sahabat2 ku yg berkerjaya.. Tak sampai 10 minutes pun nk kena key in needed data tu. Silap hari bulan, you even get cukai terlebih bayar sbb you consistently bayar zakat or being a donor to registered NGOs which need your fund the most.

Tak salahkan giving some back to the masyarakat? Duk complaint sana sini, pernah tanya what you have done for society? Tepuk dada tanya selera.

I do have friends yg suka procrastinated about this tax thing and even bebel2 why I need to bayar this much?? Even questioned out to authority personel about that. Owh come on bro...gaji belas2 ribu, you berkira pulak about the tax. Yes mmg akan tinggi but setinggi your salary la..Try to do some- what people said nowadays #throwback, what are you been calculating all these day? Pernah terfikir nak tolong society, or silap hari bulan, zakat pendapatan pun you tak pernah bayar. So how? As I said, tepuk dada tanya la diri sendiri okey. Tak jatuh muflis pun if you rajing giving back to society, trust janji Allah...DIA balas dgn seribu satu sumber rezeki even for sekecil zarah you memberi ;)

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