Monday, April 28, 2014

Orchid lah!

Heart mesmerizing:

My mum hobby become an addiction of mine till a small garden created in front of my house called as 'Taman Astakonah' by my neighbour (jgn tanya I Astakonah tu apa...sbb dia je yg tau..hahaha)
Orchid does have a mild memory of my late grandma especially the 'dancing orchid. Yes we can love roses, jasmine, tulips, name it....but orchid always have their own class.

This orchid belongs to my mum. While I'm busying playing siram pokok bunga sempat snap shot this. Out of it my BB really can produce such a nice pic instead. Heee~

Sometimes to snap something doesn't matter with what you are using, but what came in your heart.

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