Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Present and Before With Iverson

Brain mumbling:

Pheww!! End of adrenaline running upside down for the past 2 days. But remain calm Cik Enny. Deeeeep breathhh..inhale in and out.. -
And guess what I managed to do that!...Never know the powerful of a smile can deceived people towards my own nervousness. Hehe~ not by means okey. Tuhan je tau how stressful we were been through the 'special' two days to transform us...being a good presenter. Memang magic la if the trainer can change us in one night. But of course the efforts from the participants pun penting jugak. Sporting je la kan..;P

Honestly it does kinda of stressful even though we just need to present for 5 minutes but then when you are doing some thing out of your usual norms, we became more nervous, panic and stiff while presenting stuff.
Lagi2 tetiba dapat case study totally..RFP for SAP ECC 6.0..O.M.G..pebenda plak ni?? ok BLANK! Totally out of our expertise. Just imagine my team who our big sis, is a TL for our Domino Email Enterprise, 2 gfs who are specialist for Network and DWM and me who far more to Desktop Services Specialist, disuruh translate kes SAP.. Aduh... bak kata our big sis...mmg Sistem Amat Payah ni.. hahahah~
Memang payah kak, sudahnya masing2 putting an effort study what the heck is SAP itself, sungguh2 la baca success stories, journal, wiki habes sampai tgh malam...nampak tak tu? Kembali ke zaman study jawabnya..huhu..ya Allah bape taun dah tinggal tu...ngee~

Sebenarnya yang suspend tu sbb kena present the proposal at our 2 bosses. Bare in mind yang ni were team presentation but the 5 minutes each to pun terasa like gajah in our stomach. Exaggerate lebih!
Ok ni nak sengih lebih skit as I got a feedback yg super positive!! Yeayy...
'Enny is very confidence, very calm' - uih sbnrnya mmg dah terasa ayat taknk kluar ni. grammar takyah cakap la...mmg tunggang langgang.. ;P
'Enny have a bright voice, she lifted up the energy for the team'
'Enny is the 'light-wired'...ok tu sebenarnya tak faham sgt..huhu~
All said by the trainer and a boss yang accessed us for the final presentation. Huuu~
But of course I do have area of improvement to be done - please pause! take your time to breath..hiks...terckp mcm bullet train plak...;P

But basically everyone sume pun ada kelebihan and our trainer said, "Practice make perfect!..Practice, practice, practice .....tang bila nye nth nk prektis...ckp sesorg dpn cermin pun boleh..hehe` End of it, we do have FUN!! Sebab sume pun sporting je and supportive...tu yang best tu..

Wrapped up for today. Esok kembali normal mode ye. Yeayy malam ni leh tdo awal..semata, padahal baru sehari je kena dera buat homework..hahah~ mmg over ;P

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