Sunday, April 6, 2014

KL Xtra Car Free Morning - 4th Edition

Heart beating faster:

And here we go again! It's back! Hehehe~ Memang super excited with this kinda of things. Tapi hari ni ada extraordinary skit as my youngest brother is joining us with his so called new bike and we been inter-framed in Cycling Malaysia Magazine. Plus Abah been interviewed by Bernama. hahaha~ Okey run from the camera please. ;P

The crowd never failed to marry the event. Thousands of many types of bicycle yang korang tak terfikir pun were joining us. Cool!

These two pictures yang berjaya di detected dlm page FB of this Cycling Malaysia Magazine.Of course these credited to them ;P

BF2 I main Futsal kala malam rembang, but I'm cycling during sesubuh hari...;D

Abah!! Tu tinggal nk letak GoPro je kat helmet tu. Hik2
Usually we gonna go back straight after the fun ride but today macam rajin sikit to stay up with the others at Dataran Merdeka, watching the gravitier put up their air brush drawing. Macam sangat kagum okey to see they can use couple bottle of spray to draw! The theme was #prayforMH370. And haruslah daku nk menyebuks di situ kan..Hikss~  aha...sama2 la bersenamrobik ala2 menari traditional tgh2 jalan tu..hehehe.

Kalau semalam dah makan sampai sendat2 perut, today we burned the calories back and forth (tapi tak jugak, lepas tu kitaorg pegi makan nasi lemak Tanglin..hahahah~)

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