Monday, February 28, 2011

A lil pinch of Motivation


Heart asked to be cheer up :

deserved love Can someone make my breakfast like this ?;P


P/S: Heart feel so jumpy when I got this text last night

“Ladies and gentleman, now control this is MH4324, registration mike charlie charlie papa, person on board 159, temperature 27, observation 12km, QNH 12, request for ur friendship, my transponder code is 3800. Hehe u pekbr? Rindu u la…Sorry lame xcntact, kinda bz.Ampon ek tuan puteri ,:p “


Hehe, by reading it whoever in the same field would know where is this coming from with all the codes which I also have no idea on it…;P

Yeah,it was from my MR.PILOT yang gila…want to get mad also couldn’t do that as he knows how to capture my smile again…I miss you so much tau tak?? Haih…Menguji kesabaran when you have a good friend like this..

And yes, another good news, both of my another 2 ‘A’s also are coming back this March…Yeayyy…can’t wait for them to land on bumi Malaysia again…Just my lil motivation for coming months..(as this entry will be the last one for this February) ;))

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