Sunday, February 20, 2011

Merajuk & Menjauh..


Heart feel, brains think and fingers typing this :

Merajuk? Hurmmm…It’s kinda tired of sulking if you merajuk tak pasal2…siapa yang taknk di pujuk..But have you guys think what the reasons that we have to be merajuk out of no where…Its all about emotion. sikit2 nk sentap..cepuk nak?? Ke we can say it as mengada-ngada je..??

For girls merajuk, its very norm thingy to think about.. but for guys?Ermm …let me crack my head first..Motif kau nak merajuk? Hello…people with kromosom Y nih pun ada hati dan perasaan, of course la dia pun leh merajuk but takde la tunjuk depan2 macam perempuan kan..Konon acting cool la..Tarik muka, buwuk ah… I am someone who doesn’t know how to main pujuk2 ni. Owh no wonder la people pun also don’t know how to pujuk me.Hermm.. Tak perlu pujuk, tak lut! Malas..and ‘eh you merajuk eh?"’..Owh my Miss Enny, terang-terangan tuh dia merajuk..

For me, girls kinda very rare to ‘merajuk’ with me but guys? So many of them..Apa salah i nih? Adui. Ahahaha~byk jugak sbbnya. Let me list some of the reasons( I knew these after proses pujuk tak jadi..and we good again…;P) :

1. My words – mulut daring sangat sometimes…sarcastic tuh takyah ckp la kan..

Replied : Siapa suruh cari pasal?kang ckp bunga2 tak paham plk..lagi payah nk kena translate 2 3 kali dlm mcm2 bahasa ni..huhuh~

2. My acts – as like buat mimik muka nth pape..and just walk away if doesn’t like something

Replied : Lah…tak comel eh?hikhik..kay2 tak tak..ala…You know I can’t be so hypocrite right. Better for me to leave dari ada yang sakit mata if I did something out of your thinking ..;P

3. My feels – tak reti2 nak angkat phone, reply text yang dah berjuta and suddenly missing out of action..-as what they said…’I risau’ la…

Replied : Erk…?? Who want to pick up the phone if you start to mumbling ..bebel dalam phone??..owh gosh pembebelan comes from guys mmg tak bole terima akal..ahahaha~ Tapi cek dengar je la no…I letak jauh2 je phone tuh..oopss..bocor rahsia..;P About texting : Nih lagi satu masalah were texting while I’m working and you expecting me to reply to you 24 hours?Kes phone nih mmg kronik skit as actually I am someone who not so attached to phone..sorry..;)

I know some of the reasons up there are reflecting to you also right! ;P Ngeee~ Well some part of it will be dragging up to the extend that I will be ‘menjauh’ from these kind of people.

Menjauh… yes my heart getting far2 away from you but I remain the little piece of it to stay…as we being friends for quite sometime..Actually hati i yang merajuk but you will never see it..NEVER! Because you will never be the right person for me to show you who myself really are.So tak perlu risau2 about me k..I’m doing fine..:)


Schubert Serenade said...

haha..guys merajukin ain't a crime tapi mympah tahap giga kan!!hehe..
i pon sama, kinda sarkastik overboard...tapi if org merajuk i mls nk pujuk..eok lusa ok la dunt worry..chill sudaa^_*

Enny said...

its true sis...ehehehh~