Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Brutal Girl Becoming a Wifey!;))


Heart smiling and love to say :

Bie!! You mmg rock la..eheheh~ As people who know this particular girl surely know how her character is…but finally now she is WIFEY! If you was reading the previous entry, the SCENARIO 3 are belong to her story…;P

A week before the wedding, I just dropped by at her place in the office just to have a chit chat with her ( I kan ADUN Motors..ahahaha). Yeah..obviously she soooo kelam kabut..and there is another thing that bothering her which is…LOTS OF CHANGES NEED TO BE DONE!!! ahahah~ I can only laugh ..knowing her and her character that a little bit “boyish”..yes it is gonna be hard for her. But who my advices for her..just be Yoi falling in love you because of YOU, yourself..Nothing to worry much..take it slowly dear…your Hubby surely can adapt it as he is willing to live with you forever right …;)) – Slightly changes to be more feminine surely make him more falling into you..hikhik~

A day before the wedding itself..ONE CALL from her…”Enny, teman aku nikah…!” Adui…selamat la I amik EL kan for the day itself sebab the solemnization is on FRIDAY! and I’m suppose to work!..Suka buat terkejut tergempak ni tau..Has been requested of course I’ll be there kan..Heee..As usual Miss Enny mmg suka kena jadi family extra. It just me I guess.;)

Before I start to merepeking will tell you more kay peeps! Enjoy..

_ETA9100 Picture wajib…amik berkat ke apa Cik Enny?heheheh

_ETA9128 The Bride of the day!

_ETA9182 Wee…selamat dah jadi PUAN!

_ETA9206 Comel Bie pakai tudung..Yoi sgt sweett..;P

_ETA9247 Just love the pictures..we acted like that requested by the OP

Congrats Bie & Yoi…the event were so sweet, cozy and private…Wish you happily ever after… Hugs and kisses from me to Diba okey…;P

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