Friday, February 4, 2011

Bahasa ‘Comel’??


 Brain is laughing with this :

Owh I’m falling in LOVE!! REAL THING?!Who is?

Ini Anwar Hadi (pengakuan jujur ni..ahahaha). Ooppss…;P…sila la google who is this guy..:P…Special thanks to En.Pjie who bring us together (drama gila ayat..;D)

Ha don’t get me wrong…I love the IDEA of him, JUJUR nya dia in projecting his opinions about the current issue and it is HILARIOUS though..Believe me you should see this…

Especially about the title of this entry…EEEWWW babe!Yucks!!Ahahaha~


Penat gelak dah??

It is true right!!….ha ke sbb korg pun ada texting by that? Ngaku cepat!!..Owh pleasseeee STOP it…annoying and irrirating okey, jenuh pulak nk kena bukak kamus Dewan Bahasa yang sumpah takkn jumpa ejaan macam tuh…

Want to do shortform pun please use the trengkas lesson that we learned before (tak pnh dgr ‘trengkas’ sila tanya parents anda ye adik2..).Kan senang nak faham…Adui!! Enough with ‘Manglish’, now kiddos are manipulating the spelling by tambah eeeww at the end of the word. Bajet COMEL??OK sangat pening dah…

Thanks Anwar..You mmg rock on..can’t stop laughing seeing you doing this…;P

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