Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Found You Mr.BBM


Heart always adore this :

Ha kan dah kata, I am so gonna find you Mr.BBM (remember from the last entry i was talking about a photog who offered the BBM Pin when we gonna buy the Terima Kasih Cinta’s merchandise?ahaha – I know you just kidding ;P)…..your face look…GOTCHA!!I mmg kenal you but lupa nama.Ahahah~ My bad!Opsss~ When I said adore…what that I’m adoring is your video done by CST Production…Abg Rosli mmg rawk!!Hehehe~

Okey you can click on this pink2 link to see the video of how sweet of this MR.BBM & MRS.BBM… (the photog yg sgt cool tuh dah kawen pun..hikhik)




Comel kan?? It is one my dreams…(just a dream for the time being)..I am so gonna  have the touch from this production..Sweett!!! Drama hidup aku…ahahah~

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