Thursday, February 24, 2011

How Could You?


Heart feels with words without sound :

When my ‘pelangi’ went missing, I still can accept it,

when my ‘pelangi’ want to be alone, I give the space,

When my ‘pelangi’ need my warmth, there I am listening,

But when my ‘pelangi’ betray me, I lost my words…….


I’m a bundle of mixed emotions and I don’t know how I should feel this very instant. You see, sometimes I can’t tell the difference between feeling sad or angry. –at times I don’t even know the difference between being happy or being sad – as crazy as that sounds. All I know is that I’m too complex to ever classify myself as being a specific emotion and I hate feeling lost in between every single one of them.

The thing is that no matter how many times I’ve wanted to do wrong to a person I hate, I never have the heart to. I could never sit there and live with the thought of fucking anyone over. –No matter how much hate I have towards that individual. No matter how many times they’ve done me wrong. Ultimately none of that ever matters.

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