Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rabun ke Buta? @ Buang Tebiat?


Heart jumping and brains keep on processing :

Tak tercapai dek akal.!!

What?? Meh explain skit…how on earth people can fall in love without knowing that person? By pictures…?By voice…? By sms semata..?

Faith or mmg  ‘JODOH’..?Hurmmm…..I wonder love can be so BLIND…

Sorry, it just sometimes it really drag me down to drain as I’m seeing lots of ‘evidence’ with my two eyeballs lately. But well what ever happened must be a reason behind that right. Ok la must be you guys pikir pe la Cik Enny merepek ni…tetiba tajuk nak I’m a rabun girl!(Salahkan UBAT!!huh..if not i dah jadi pilot now..)…Well,well..shut Miss E…baru je ckp what happened always a reason nak bebel plak..;P

Ok OK here are some example of it : (berdasarkan kisah benar)

Scenario 1 :

People claimed to fall in love on me..Erkk??Macam issue soal perasaan sendiri je kan..but guys its the facts!Lagi2 with younger peeps…Ok this magnet haven’t stop yet which is sometimes I feel it is like a curse but a friend of mine always keep me down in saying ACCEPT it as gift Enny!.Wuuuu….being friends is not a big issue with me but FALL IN LOVE WITH ME? Huh…let me see what they have to say after I buat soal siasat…well sort of.. ‘You look nice! Macam YUNA!’ – huh…it’s been a while ..dah few people saying the same things…mana celah Yuna pun tak tau la…until they can called me..’My Yuna’..ewwwww…Till they called me via phone..’suara comel gila’…hah??aduih..suara nih leh wat suara latar citer katun bole la…ahahahaha~ and another common things ‘awk ni manja sgt kan’…owh ohh…what the heck that i said till you can say that…I nih brutal okey ( is it?..;P)…this dragggggggg till to the extend..jealousy comes up…concern…over protective…report duty please!! (means you have to tell where you wanna go,with who, what time to come back..bla..bla..bla..) and ..

This is when…tada ! “I LOVE YOU SYG/BABY/HONEY”…My reaction??Hikhik….guess la sendiri…;P

I can love but don’t hope to I tends to hurts than love..I try to please everyone but I’m not perfect though..Sorry..Just hold to it k deariessssss..;D

This song not for you k but for another YOU which I know you trying to make it up to me but hermmm…as I said…I’m not buying any of your words anymore..too bad…You need hard works to gain my LOVE again! Tuh la lenkali cr pasal la lagi kan…Girls you know who i meant kan…;P

Scenario 2 :

I do have a couple of friends which is which yang nyaris buat I hilang sabar..SPEECHLESS..How wise I tried to say..How hard i tried to convince..How lenient of my ears and eyes to listen and read..but somehow these people seems like lost in their own world…Bak kata org, “Dah terang lagi bersuluh”…the girls are playing with you..Just taking an advantage as you always throw to them ‘I'm here even as a friend’..sedangkan she don’t even care what you feel or appreciate what have you done. End up your HIGH HOPES…dushhh…jatuh 10 kaki ke bawah..and you keep on saying ‘I didn’t do good enough I think”..Owh gosh…my getting sicker and sicker day by day…Nak tunggu sampai masuk hospital or wad sakit jiwa baru you nk sedar? I hate seeing you like this..and I HATE seeing you like a LOST MAN tenggelam in your BLIND LOVE..

Scenario 3 :

This kinda fascinating…Knowing each other just like an ordinary friends for the past few months…not yet achieve 6 months of friendship..but seems they are so comfortable to each other…Till one day, they met with a minor accident 3 weeks ago( from this date)..the next day the guy came to the house MERISIK and terus BERTUNANG…and this girl came to me a week after to make a special invitation to her WEDDING which is ONLY 2 weeks ahead ( the date was yesterday..) Memang FAST & FURIOUS…I even made a joke with her..Must be the guy terhantuk mana2 ke during the accident tuh yang shot skit terus tiba2 pikir nk ajak kawen…heheheh~ Well this what we called as ‘JODOH’ as what Kak Ezan said “Inilah Cinta Syurga”..Wowww…


Well then…betul kan my tajuk entry as Rabun?Buta?or Buang Tebiat? Ahahah~ Let me share of some facts about TRUE LOVE..

The progression of true love:

*  Meet one another and are attracted.

*  Either fall in love over time, or the attraction fades and both move on.

* Get to know each other better and decide to make the relationship permanent.

*  Spend considerable time attempting to change everything about the person loved order to make him/her conform to the "idea" of love.

* The "honeymoon phase" comes to an end.   Weigh the pros and cons of "sticking it out" because the significant other is not going to change. If it is true love, the pros outweigh the cons.

* Accept the true love with all his/her warts and flaws and pray he/she accepts ours.

*  Wake up one day and realize they have been together for many happy years, cannot imagine life without the other, and even love the warts and flaws that go with the whole package.

Infatuation and attraction deny any imperfections. True love embraces them. Love's keen vision does not miss a detail.

"True love is not blind, it merely enables one to see more clearly what others fail to notice."


Till then, Cheers!! ;D

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