Sunday, February 6, 2011

MALAS Weekend


Brain lazy to think and let heart spell it out :

Dengan ini saya declared as this weekend were the most MALAS Weekend ever!!

Tomorrow MONDAY??? Couldn’t anyone just change the name of the DAY??  Gosh..Hyepp…takleh…I need to be productive! Enough of bermalasan day..getting sick of it dah..huhuh ( I know sounds like a bit ‘poyoness’ di situ…hahahah).Let it be!!;P


Buy Groceries  -DONE

Helping Parents –DONE


Work List for tomorrow – DONE (see2 my new memo pad calendar 2011 tuh?)

Appointment –UPDATED!

Re-decorating my own cubicle – In brain processing!!!!

Sleep –I GUESS IT WAS THE MOST I DID THIS WEEKEND…ahahahah.. oopssy!

IMG-20110206-00134 Me and colors are unseparateable – there is where the ‘pelangi’ and ‘peacock’ came from..;P

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