Saturday, April 6, 2013

Final Goodbye

Heart trying :

It's all about you...

Hehehe..chill. It's got nothing to do with specific people.
It's about a place that I will miss the most.
I guess you guys pun tau je this goodbye is for what. Dah few entries that I wrote indicates the reason. Its's not easy okey.
Ini lah jadinya kalau you been so attached to the people and the place.

Farewell lunch, farewell dinner and farewell party all be done for me. I is so terharu. As I really don't expecting this at all. Lagi2 dengan niat, I just wanna tell people that I will be leaving on the last day I'll be there. But it's not fair right for those people who really taking care of me since day one I was there.
Memang I bgtau in stages, tapi macam2 reaksi I terima. How hard that I hold my tears to drop hanya Tuhan je yang tahu. Yes I tau I jahat to let you down and making this adhock movement. But to shine, I have to do this so called 'sacrifice'.

Towards to the end of the day itself, I received lots of encouraging words from bosses who met me personally, kakak2 yang sentiasa jadi 'ibu', 'kakak', and even my own personal farmasi bergerak, abang2 yang bertindak jadi advisor @ bodyguard tak berbayar I and also from my dear officemates yang memang dah jd kawan dunia akhirat. Your words are just like a 'blood diamond' to me. Those tears...omg, tertumpahnya kerana sedih tengok I pergi, it is something that I'll hold deep in my heart. As I got to know you do love me that much.

There is a conversation between me and a sister yang agak kena metaforanya walaupun at first I mcm blur apa yg dia cuba sampaikan but its true how they feel about this goodbye.
I'll share with guys nnt k sbb nak kena screen capture from the im itself. Ha this one!

For me, this is not a goodbye. It just a starting to a big 'Hi' to another phase of life.
Just pray for me will you.
InsyaAllah ada jodoh, umur panjang, kita jumpa lagi..^ ^

Cinta ku pada mu tiada syarat... *this is the full song that I wrote the lyric at the entry of 'Dear Motorians'..:=')

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