Saturday, April 13, 2013


Brain updating :

It just another day in my new week and new place.... Fortunately I've been accompanied by Cinta (via phone) and my team mates yang sangat cool! Happy je hari2. ;D I will called them as my "B" for now (this due to some complication of mis-saying things unnecessarily- we just being us! Hehehe~)

I am so in the midst of being busybee coping up with everything, assisting my new team mates and completing my KPI task! Urghh boss, can I just leave for my trip first? Nanti I make it up okeh ;P ( Itu ayat free mintak penyekeh..hahaha~) Nih mode nak terjun laut dah ni..huuu~

See the above pic? Yes, that was a part of the event we've attended for the Friday. HR4U!! It's all about HR, whatelse la kan..heheh~ Bumped to lots of people that I big this KKM can be, how small it will be to see the same face everywhere. But to whom that knew me from Motors itself, will asked exactly the same question..." Enny, why you tak submit your pic for this?"...O.M.G.... Macam terer sangat I ni nak snap2 pic and submit for the competition..hahah~ (and sedang terfikir how they know my skills tak berapa nk terer ni, xpernah pun publish my artwork kat mana2..hermm....*curious ni!)
Next time la ok boss. Heee~

And THIS!! Memang I rasa nak belasah orang yang snap pic ni! Hahaha~ Thanks to my photographer diva yang memang sentiasa sempat je nak snap any candid shot of me. Memang hobi you eh? :P
Actually kinda rare to see my place to be really empty like that as me always surrounded my lil 'baduts'.. mana ntah ilang mereka2 ni time pix ni di snap.. Just the perfect timing ha!

Well then, don't miss me to much okey kiddos!
I'll be leaving for Ipoh tomorrow and head up to our actual destination the next day..
Cuti2...again Miss Enny? hahaha~
See ya.. live update from atas laut..hik3 (if I rajin la kan ;P)

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