Friday, August 27, 2010


Heart said:

Officially this is my first write up as for the past few days my heart n brains didn't sync to catch up with. Is it a lot to think or to do? I can't answer it as my neurons seems like rejecting what my heart say.

But few friends seems like very catching up with my swing mode.
U seem very lively..Happy...Looks can be deceiving kan...U ok? -Hadi
Babes are you ok? - GG
Ala takmo la mcmni, takbest la u da tak girang2 mcm selalu -Akif

I can only smile..and the smile continuously when i received this song from my dearest Akif with pesanan "always smile k dear? no nanges2..hehe"

Here are the lyrics of the song as there are no video that i can find to post it here and share with you.
Tersenyumlah (Naif)

Walau kau bersedih janganlah menangis oh sayangku
Tersenyumlah meski kau terluka
Ku tau kau sedih janganlah berlarut
Tersenyumlah dunia kan bersinar

Kalau duka menyerang jiwa biar hanya hati yang merasa
Tersenyum yang manis biar dunia lebih
Bersinar cerah

Kini kau tak sedih ku jadi bahagia
Memandang mu tersenyumlah dunia kan bersinar 

P/S: Thank you you're always there..^_^

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