Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Most Character

Heart flattered :

It's been 3 months we haven't met each other. A lil bit crazy right padahal bukan jauh mana pun. Hehehe.
But then masing2 packed with programs and things going on here and there plus he pun bzbee with GE13 things. So have you vote?? Fun ha...me? Rahsia ;P

Sabar tu indah.
Memang betul ia sgt indah. I might saying this as purest of pain somehow. But well its worth it.
And yeah we went out for a date before he will be away for 6 month. *scream!! ...hahaha~ okey tu drama lebih.

See? Dia ni mmg byk characters..suka buat muka mcm2..hehe~ Seeing him like this you wouldn't believe he is an ADO himself. Boss lembut sangat. Anak buah pun leh buli je. Hik2. But I do know he gained lots of respect from people surrounding him. Kuddos sayang! ;D

Being a kid ourselves for the day, we catched for a movie; Iron Man 3 in 3D....huu felt real oo..hahaha~ Selalunya couldn't be bother pun nak tgk 3D sgt ni tapi layankan je. Best jugak! Heee. Had our lunch at Sushi King and having our dessert at Yogurt Fruz.
Pusing2 again siap masuk Petronas Gallery for some architecture exhibition, having a look at Thomas Sabo and Pandora. It's kinda funny looking at his reaction. Ahahaha~ You will learn slowly dear. No worries. ;)
AND..yeah we super hungaryyyyy again at 6 something. Owh my, makan saje keje korg ni la.
Opps sorry kali ni xde foodporn pic of us sbb baru kluar artikel saying who loves to snap pic of foods and instag it are PSIKO!..ada sakit mental.. Okey la fine la whoever wrote this article, you jealous of those good food's pic isn't it? Hahahah~ Ngarut je ha. Pic are arts you know? ;P

Well dear, thanks for the day, thanks for meeting me up....even ada slightly sad part as got to know you will be far from me, I shall wait for you to come back.
Thank you for the sweet talks, laughter, teasing up...you made my day

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