Thursday, September 9, 2010



Brain said :

How fast time can flies…it’s already end of Ramadhan. Syawal is showing up in few more hours…let say this is the hardest Ramadhan ever I’ve ever had but it make me grow up and be yet wiser in whatever it takes…thanks to “them” ^_^… as always with me getting through this…

Just enjoy some pic taken during my IFTAR with dearest friends in this Ramadhan. There will be more for Aidilfitri of course..eheheh~

                                     Always with Finance people..;P

                                                                            IFTAR @ SDCC

45671_152976718062567_100000507207703_411651_4275044_n              Mummy instant for half a day..with Alya..;P…mummy & dd dia sebuk gi shopping..

47440_152976554729250_100000507207703_411649_3832792_n                             Dearest Ayu with long2 GFF..(knl dr zaman2 myspace lagi)

58553_428405411929_713366929_5516144_3696127_n            One of GF kesygn that always cheer me up! ..owh..also my “kucing”,,kan Chomel..!!;P

59357_428405541929_713366929_5516149_4463751_n                                          The Motorians..celebrating Arep’s birthday too..

p/s: Me wish Salam Aidilfitri to all of my GFs and Bfs, stay safe and be back with one piece ok…Enjoy your raya!!!

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