Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nik Harith Danish Onboard...^_^

Heart felt the love :

It just feel like so yesterday I attended I can called as Wedding of the Year in my year…( pastinye bukan propa lebih okeh..eheheh)

Now one of my angels..dah bergelar Mummyyy!!

Been knowing her getting sick since morning of yesterday, started to bleed and the contraction getting worst…only doa’ can be with her.. Early in the morning at 3.00am.. tersgt la mamai got this msg..
A’kum & salam sejahtera..alhamdullilah. isteri saya telah selamat melahirkan seorang putera sebentar td, 10.45pm,18/10/2011@hospital umra,seksyen 13 shah alam – nik khairul rizal

Ayat PTD sungguh dia ni taw..yeayy…but to be honest tears dropping when reading it. Alhamdullilah…sujud syukur …I’m so happy for you guys… Welcome aboard baby chuk!! Time for you to see the world. ;))
And tghri td, me, Miss GG & Mr.Meow2 did go visit her ....darling, I really miss you ada lagi sorg in the gang... eheheh~

Now I'm presenting... 
Nik Harith Danish Nik Khairul Rizal

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