Saturday, December 31, 2011

KPop vs IPop

Blow your mind :

HAHAHA~ ok bagi la i gelak dulu k..Pagi2...just checking my FB while waiting for a friend sebuk jumpa Boss dulu before out for our further discussion..Huu bunyi cam heavy je...Ok2..that's not the main point yaww..

You guys mesti dah biasa tengok this kind of VC kan...

Super Junior - Mr.Simple

We always like stucked in front of it to see how graceful they dance and how the music beats till we can groove with it.. Until you see this.. ( thanks to my sis, Hani for posting this...)

XO-XI -Cukuplah Sudah


Huh IPop??? Owh my muka...yes you can sing boys..but..erk??( Perlu ke tunjuk abs tu? If cam Rain xpe jugak..hikhik) I think this one better kot... See this ..

HITZ - Yes Yes Yes


More likely....also an Indo-Pop....but almost exact like K-pop... even the dance not that sharp like Korean but its so acceptable. Macam fenomena kan with all this..Malaysian Pop...?? Hayoooo tuh mmg i xnk post sbb leh mcm muntah berdarah to see those...ahahah~

But thanks to all just make a good start laugh for the day...senyum2 sambil bergoyang..layan je...;P
Ok peeps..nak siap2 jap...Later we talk2 again...Chow! 

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