Saturday, December 31, 2011


Heart writing this with her notion approving it :

Resolusi Tahun Baru? Perlu ke? You don’t need a new year to change yourself right?
Being alone like tonight, everything comes reversing by its own.  Rewinding every single thing that has passed for a year. Another year to change in less than one hour time. Hati tertanya2, apa yang dah aku capai sepanjang tahun ni? Believe me or not, di kala menulis entry ni…mungkin entry terakhir untuk tahun ini 2011, my tears dropping like nobody business. Thank God that I’m alone for tonight. So boleh layan perasaan sendiri kot.

To you, I’m sorry I xcakap pepe thru our whatsapp as I really nak you rest. Big games to come right. Bukan nak berahsia dgn you but guess you will know this soon enough pun.
How I miss about everything…. My Gf does knock some sense on me yesterday. Kenapa nak tanya  what have you achieved for all these day? Terlalu byk kot…easily I can just say 10 of it in one shot. That was what she said to me.  Maybe…come to think about it…

**   2 angels come to my life- one who already become a mummy to Harith and one who going to get married soon..( I xpernah ada kawan baik yg sgt baik di kalangan kwn perempuan until I met these two which I willing to sacrifice my life for them).
**   3 of my ‘pillars’  - which I think I managed to create a smile on them di kala they really down because of girls. (To see he smile, he laughing, making jokes, perasan xabes…he move on. I bersyukur sgt – I really doesn’t want to see you sad again)
**   Becoming rebound place –sounded like terrible right but I managed to make some people happy again. Until now we still friends.
**   A bit drastic changes in me, my appearance maybe. “Womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavender.” Depends on how people see that.
**   Kewujudan my ‘partner in crime’ guys mesti perasan existing of this person thru my entries all this while. Without hesitating, he always with me talking craps, gosipping, bincang psl keje, sakit..annoyed me. But there he is…always make me smile (and cry sometimes..)
**   My house dah siap! (Just waiting for furnishing- of course will ask you guys to come for house warming)..
………………………………………………………..what else…??

Actually there are lots small and big things happening in this whole year.  I just couldn’t afford to list it down..what u guys been reading up…it were my major achievement for this beautiful year. It will remains as my good memories to hold up.

Thanks, Alhamdullilah 2011. Welcome, Bismillah 2012. 

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